Hong Kong Women

The women of Hong Kong are a bit different than most Chinese women. During the British colonial period over a century ago, the people of Hong Kong were introduced to Western culture and values. This created a unique mixture of traditional Chinese culture with Western values.

In more recent times, the social status of Hong Kong women has been significantly improved. The women of Hong Kong have become more financially independent and career focused. They are adopting terms like "superwoman" and "women empowerment."

It is very interesting to note that the ratio of women to men is steadily increasing in Hong Kong. Because of this statistic, women in this region are told to hurry and find a mate before it is too late. But many of them are not interested in the values of the men of Hong Kong. Some are going as far to say that they would rather die alone than date a man from Hong Kong. This goes to show that these beautiful women know what they want, and are not willing to settle.

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Page Updated on: Thursday, Jul 11 2024