American Meets Asian Wife Through International Dating Site

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An American man from Arziona met his Asian wife through letter writing on our international dating site.

Meeting purely through the letter writing services provided, Richard took the leap and traveled to China, where his future wife Liju eagerly waited.

Richard courted Liju through 3 separate trips which culminated to 36 months living in China with his future bride.

Observing the vast differences between American and Chinese culture, Richard soon learned how devoted and traditional his Asian wife would be.

Often having to argue his way into paying for dinners and other activities, Richard learned to embrace the love Liju has for him, even letter her pay for the apartment he stayed in during his travels to China.

Since relocating to Arizona, Liju learned how different China and America are, but also finds comfort in embracing their many similarities.

We wish Richard and Liju the best in their marriage and all the joy has already brought to their new life together.

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