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Theodor Stratilates on the Brook (1360-1361)

The Church of Theodor Stratilates on the Brook (1360-1361) The Church of St. Fyodor the Stratilates on the Creek was constructed by order of a Novgorod posadnik, Semeon Andreevich. The foundation was laid in 1360 and already in 1361 the construction work was completed. This classical monument of the second half of the 14th century for a long time served as an example for Novgorod architects.

The church, welcoming the city's guests from Moscow, looks excellent even now. The restorers have given it back its original look, including rich decorations, portals with panoramic views and fenestrals of the Gothic type. The later additions - the belfry and the canteen - render the structure the air of a unique stability and constancy.

Inside one can still find the old gallery with a stone staircase and large fragments of the fresco decorations, dating back to 1360-1370. Many researches ascribed the wall-paintings of this cathedral to the school of Theophanes the Greek, while some of them even mentioned that they had probably been made by the master himself.

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