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Numismatic Collection and Collection of Seals

The numismatic reserves of the museum contain 116,000 items. A special place in this collection is occupied by treasure findings, coins that were in circulation on the territory of Russia such as Arabian Dirham (8th - 10th centuries), Western European Dinar (10th - 11th centuries) and the collection of old Russian coins from the 10th - 17th centuries, including coins used in the Russian principalities. The collection of the Novgorod Museum is one of the largest and fullest in the country comparable only to the analogous collections of the state Historical Museum (Moscow) and the State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg).

The collection of stamps and seals numbers 1500 items, including the largest set of official stamps used in medieval Russia (over 1000 items). Among them are stamps of Russian princes Yaroslav the Wise, Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy and other prominent state, church and military figures of the 11th - 15th centuries. While serving as first class material for studying the history of state institutions, these stamps are so exquisitely made that they may be considered real masterpieces of decorative art.
Parchment letters and hanging sealsHanging seals. 11th - 15th centuries

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