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Orthodox Christmas in the Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy"
January 8

Christmas in Vitoslavlitsy Held in the Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy": bell-ringing, fance-dress party in the streets, singing the kolyadki, traditional and holiday songs, rings of dancers, Christmas storytelling, fortunetelling in the street; Winter horsesleigh rides, sliding down snowslopes in trays, on sleds, skates, and kruzhalo; traditional Russian fun and games, and stilt-walking. Young men's exploits: boxing, round, volunteer, wall-against-wall fighting, belt wrestling.

Winter Folklore Festival Sviatky in the Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy"
January 17

Held in the Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy": carroling by groups from the city and its environs; craft fairground; games; horserides; bell-ringing.

Early March

Popular holiday -- merrymaking, seeing the Winter out and welcome Springtime in horsedrives, a big fair with singing and eating blini, theatrical show with harmoniums, cavorting fools, groups of performers, the Maslenitsa competitions, Folk games and fun: Fetch the rooster off a 15-17 meter pole snowball shooting range, winter swimming, Petrushka performances, children's contests.


Preparations for Easter The major and the most important Russian Orthodox Church holiday, held in the Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy". Roll-furthest and knock-it-out dames played with painted eggs, Easter week surprises, bell music.

June 2000, April 2003
International Children's Rachmaninov Festival

International piano competition, Masters concerts, child festival concerts, touring programs, master classes, lectures seminars practicums of leading musicians and teachers. Under the aegis of the UNESCO

Holiday of Slavic Letters and Culture

Opened on May 24th in the Sophia Cathedral with Church Liturgy and a Methody -- Slavic enlighteners; flowers laid on the bas-relief on the monument "Millenium of Russia". Master concerts with some of the best Performers from Russia and other countries.

First Sunday of June

International folklore and handicraft holiday held in the Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy". Folk song and dance groups of the region and those of visitors; show and sell of arts produce; traditional fun and games of Novgorod.

June 12-14
The Day of Novgorod

Theatrical celebration in the central squares of the ancient city and the Volkov Embankment. Solemn ceremony of conferring the title of "Honorary citizen of Novgorod city"; Address by Hanseatic representatives, visitors to the city; show-programs on the beauty and giftedness of the women of Novgorod; A ball in the Sophia square with many ballroom dance ensembles; Concert programs of different groups; Ushkuynik contests -- tests for real men; Novgorod sportsmen performing; Recreation programs for children; fair the market-square.

July 6 to 7
The Ivan Kupala Night

Maids and young men meet by the lake Ilmen, light up Kupala bonfires, leap over the flames, cleaning themselves of ill and bad luck. Water is supposed to have healing properties on this night, and soul. Girls weave garlands of flowers, take omens for their for their fortune, pick healing herbs, go out into the fields "to frighten the witches". Lads go seek for the fern bloom, that is said to open treasure-troves. The festivities are accompanied by ring-dances, games, and fun; it ends in a feast.

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