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The collections of the State Museum of Novgorod are quite varied and number over 400,000 items. Many of the collections were assembled during specific periods of the

Museum's history. The Museum of Antiquities, for example, established in 1865, features mostly household objects, furniture and samples of old garments. Later, in the beginning of the 20th century, archeological discoveries attracted the interest of Russian scientists. The Diocese collection of antiquities gave priority to collections of icons, ceremonial religious vestments, church ware and decorative ornaments. The Contemporary Art Fund was founded only in the 1920s, when it was decided to open a picture gallery in Novgorod.

Some of the collections have been thoroughly studied and systematized, others still require considerable research and restoration work. All exhibits kept in the museum store-rooms or displayed in its rooms, are undoubtedly valuable, but the most significant items capturing the essence of the Novgorod museum, those pieces that distinguish it from other museums, are the Archaeological and the Old Russian Art collections, containing icons, decorative, applied art and jewelry. The collection of seals and numismatic collection have gained particular scientific significance during the last decade.

The work is underway to issue catalogues and scientific studies of objects in the Museum's collections

Archaeological Collections
Icon Collection
Collection of Decorative and Applied Jeweler's Art
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Collection of Russian Fine Art
Collection of Written Sources
Numismatic Collection and Collection of Seals
Architectural and Archaeological Collections
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