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The Chudovo Branch

Uspensky Memorial House in the village of Syabrenitsy Chudovo is a small regional center. In the 19th century it attracted a lot of visitors due to its proximity to St. Petersburg and the convenience of the railway transportation.

One of the places of interest here is the Gleb Uspensky Memorial Museum in the village of Syabrenitsy, located on the road leading from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The museum was opened in 1937 in a house where the well-known Russian writer and raznochinets (Russian intellectual of the 19th century) lived with his family since 1881. From this house he set off on his numerous trips around Russia, and here he wrote his best stories and essays. The originality of the house, which has preserved its initial layout and stove heating and the harmonious artistic design of the exposition will make your visit to this unique museum both educational and pleasant. In the town of Chudovo one can still see a hunting house, which had once belonged to the great Russian poet of the second half of the 19th century, Nekrasov.
Nekrasov Memorial Museum in ChudovoIn 1971 a museum was founded there which today houses a literary exposition. Besides, the original room decorations have been restored in the Nekrasov's study where he wrote the last chapters of his famous poem Who Lives Well in Russia? , the drawing rooms, his wife's room and the guest rooms.

Every year the Nekrasov Poetry Festival is celebrated in the town of Chudovo. This is an event attended by many participants and guests from all over Russia and the CIS countries.

N. Nekrasov's desk

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